Tuesday, June 23, 2020

New Miracle Hollywood FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug Now on the Market...

Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, Edmonton, AB
New Miracle Hollywood FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug Now on the Market…
Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is tough. Society tells us how acceptable it is to eat luxurious rich desserts and suggests that we look forward to a cold beer on a hot day.  And everyone knows when you’ve had a hard day and the kids are in bad moods the easiest answer is to order take out. Over time the lifestyle of consuming refined sugars, and unhealthy fats, pop, alcohol and a limited amount of fibre and vegetables is sooner or later going to increase waistlines and dress sizes. For professional athletes who work out 4-8 hours a day, they may be able to eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce. For the rest of us, we need another strategy. That’s where this drug comes in. Many women in Hollywood claim without this new FDA approved weight loss drug they never would have been able to fit into their dresses for the red carpets and movie openings.
As a personal trainer I often (almost daily) hear people say “It’s all about moderation”. For children and teenagers, that’s a great approach. For a few people in their 20’s and maybe into their 30’s that might work. For some, once they have as much as a taste of a cookie they find they have eaten six by the time the day is over. For others “moderation” is like being bankrupt and explaining to the bank that you have to go on a luxury holiday or buy a luxury car because you are living in “moderation” and since you’re not going on luxury holidays every week or buying two luxury cars you are still living in moderation. The bank doesn’t care about how you define moderation or what holiday you think you deserve. The bank only cares about getting a return on its investment with interest. Moderation is not for everyone. Sometimes we have to improve our health before we can afford some moderation in our diets. If you have a current heart condition, I can guarantee your heart doesn’t care about your desire to have birthday cake 8 times a year and Christmas dinner, Easter feast, Thanksgiving dinner, Thank God it’s Friday pizza night and all the other special occasions in your life and the lives of your friends and families.
What’s the answer?
Well to start, consuming sugar without fibre is a complete no-no. Sugar in an orange is okay. (an orange. Not 8 oranges or a glass of juice). There’s fibre in an orange. Sugar in a cake or in pop, white rice, white bread etc. is not ok. Aspertame and sugar equivalents are no good either.
The answer is a two-part answer. First, get moving and keep moving. Move your body for at least half an hour every day. An hour is better! Find activities that keep you moving whether that be mowing an hour of lawn one day then renovating rooms in your house the next, taking your dog for an hour-long walk every day or simply working out. It doesn’t matter, but do it every day.
Your body doesn’t care about your desire to be like everyone else or your justification for “moderation” Mine doesn’t either. We do the work and we stay healthy. We make excuses for why we can’t exercise or why we need to eat unhealthy foods that are void in fibre and our bodies make us pay the price. It may not be a popular answer, but it is the truth. And yes, some people can go for years eating junk food and not gain a pound. And yes, thin people who exercise and have bad diets die of heart attacks too.
As for the miracle, Hollywood FDA approved weight loss medication that is working for all of the movie stars?
Do a google search for the foods you are eating. Divide the carbohydrates by the fibre. If the answer is under 5 then eat it. If it is over 5 then don’t. It isn’t the amount of fibre in a food that is important. It is the amount of fibre relative to the amount of carbohydrate in that food that is important. Eat foods high in fibre. That is your FDA approved weight loss medication that works in Hollywood. It works! Your waistline will thank you, your arteries will thank you and your blood pressure will improve.

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