Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Simple…but not a quick fix. Part Two

Quick fix diets are everywhere. You may have found one that works for you, but for the majority of people, restrictions end up doing the exact opposite of what is touted. Extreme changes may be necessary for some people. As as personal trainer I’ve learned simple small changes make the biggest difference.
Again, simple but not necessarily quick. I am a visual learner. What made a huge difference for me is learning what a proper proportion size looks like and learning to listen to my body. Proper proportions look like (some images here for you at Web MD), it may really shock you. It certainly gave me better understanding of what my body really needed.
The trick is learning what those serving sizes look like. Seriously, check out what your serving sizes should look like.

It’s all a learning process which takes time, not a quick fix.
By Annissa Brodie, Personal Trainer at Fit 'N' Well.

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