Tuesday, January 15, 2019


How the heck do you remain consistent with an ever changing or super busy schedule?  We need to answer that text, see what is happening on Instagram, search up ideas on Pinterest all while folding the laundry, making dinner and driving the kids to their next event. Wait what? You’ve just spent at least 45 minutes looking at nothing in particular on-line? Yup. It happens fast and easily.

I think we all have felt the realization that an hour has just gone by and have accomplished nothing. That’s okay if it’s your moment to zone out but is it a habit that has been added to a sedentary day and lifestyle?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means consistency in good habits. What’s the key underlying element for consistency? It must be something you enjoy and really interests you. Being held accountable helps too. This can be as simple as planning to meet a friend to exercise or join a group or class to work out. Besides, things tend to be more fun with other people. Friends can help to keep you motivated and challenged and make it easier to keep your work out appointment. This is espeically true on those days that you don't feel like exercising. When all is said and done, some of the most rewarding workouts for me have been the ones where I didn't feel like exercising originally, but once I started, I got into it and ended up really enjoying my work out.

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