Monday, December 3, 2018

A simple… but not a quick fix Part 3

Another simple and key factor to results is paying attention to when I feel good and when I’m not at my best. You would think listening to your body would be easy. When you are hungry you eat, and when you’re not, you don’t. Simple right? Social cues, our phycological state, and marketing have made that much more difficult.
What compounds the difficulty is when the food around you is designed for you to eat and consume more than what your body needs. So, this is when you need to listen even closer. Your body is telling you that what you are eating is not satisfying your nutritional needs. It is a learning process, which is the simple part, then comes some of the challenges, acting on what our body is telling us. You’ll be amazed at what your body can actually tell you when you pay attention. Intuitive eating is essentially what it’s called. Again, there’s a trick. You really need to relearn body awareness both mentally and physically to know what your body cues are telling you. Simple concept but it takes time. If you want to learn more about it check out an article by Dr.John Berardi, which gives you 4 strategies to turn “listen to your body” into useful self knowledge.

Regarding the topic, a little side note from Greg Harvey, personal trainer at Fit 'N' Well.

When I don't get enough sleep I get queasy to my stomach. In a desperate attempt to fix my stomach issues, I eat hoping to feel better. Not only do I not feel better after eating extra snacks, but I just ate extra food and it didn't solve anything. It only took me 45 years or so to figure this out, but I finally realized how important a full night's sleep is. When I don't sleep well, I gain weight. When I get regular full night's sleeps, my weight is much easier to maintain.

Long story short? Do what is necessary to get a full night's sleep. What is a full night's sleep? That is different for different people. For my wife that will be 10 hours. For me it is 7 hours. Learn how much sleep you need to perform your best, then aim for that target. That might mean controlling your caffeine in the evenings. For me it is no caffeine at all. For others it may mean no tv or electronic devices 30-60 minutes before bed. Reading for 30 minutes before sleep helps. For some not going to bed on a completely empty stomach. Bottom line? Listen to your body. Get the sleep and food that your body needs.

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