Thursday, October 25, 2018

Commitment Part Two:

Commitment Continued…By Greg Harvey
Regan Dacey, one of our Fit ‘N’ Well personal trainers wrote the last blog about commitment. Commitment is a great topic for weight loss or any fitness journey.

In University you can skip classes, then borrow your friends notes, cram all weekend then ace the exam. It doesn’t work that way when it comes to your losing those inches and or pounds.

For lasting weight loss/inch loss results you need to be consistent and be committed to your health. That being said it can be extremely difficult to remain committed to your healthy eating and consistent exercise regime. Special occasions, holidays, sickness, stressed out, burned out, kids commitments and over-time hours at work are just a few things that can hinder the best of intentions.

Most everyone (including yours truly) at one point or another falls off the wagon. Your ongoing results will be determined in part by how fast you can get back on that wagon. The problem is that once people stop eating healthy or stop exercising, sometimes it is difficult to get back into those healthy routines again. Once you miss a work out or two or start eating out regularly, instead of preparing your vegetables, it is just too easy to continue with the bad habits.

That is one of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. Whether that appointment is once a week or two to three times a week, that appointment helps you to right the ship, gets you back exercising and thinking about healthy food etc. Over the past 20 years, I have probably been told at least a couple hundred times by my clients that when they are exercising regularly, they crave healthier food make better snack and meal choices.

After missing a day or two of bad eating and or no exercise make it a priority to get your work out in. Whether it is with a friend or on a sports team or with your trainer, get that work out in and re-align your health priorities. This will help you feel good about your commitment to your health. Ensure there are a lot of fresh vegetables and healthy food options in your fridge and keep those results coming.

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